Robert DeNiro and Me

It’s been about two years already that one of my favorite actors visited the studio with his son that had just turned 18 years old, and wanted to celebrate with his first tattoo.  Robert, or Rob, as he had me call him, recently offered to punch Donald Trump in the face in a Public Service Message.  A safe guess to say Mr. DeNiro was/is a Hillary Clinton supporter.  Donald Trump  (The Don) is now President-elect, so that could get messy.  Trump hasn’t been inaugurated yet, and many people in New York City are hoping for some miracle or declaration that this is all a huge mistake, and he really won’t be our president.darren-and-robert-deniro

What Rob didn’t know, and I didn’t tell him (yet) is that I had often wished out loud that one of my favorite Mega-stars would come grace my shop/tattoo parlor by walking in.  My choices were Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino.  You know, Robert is a VERY competitive guy, I know this from interviews, IMDB and little tid-bits from the past.  Al-Who? I can hear him saying, ha ha ha.  Anyway, the gods heard my wish, and Mr. DeNiro came by with his son, Aaron Kendrick DeNiro, to make sure all was well with our establishment, and that his offspring was in good hands.

Does anyone see a resemblance between Me and Rob?


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